Multimedia Resources for #NoDAPL

My experience is that art is often the most effective way to illustrate and get the attention of people, related to social justice issues.  These are matters of the heart and spirit, more than the head.  Education with facts is very important, but I’ve found it is sharing our personal stories with individuals or small groups to be where people seem to be willing to look at things a little differently, and perhaps even change their thinking and themselves.

That is why I have been so impressed with the wisdom and persistence of the Kheprw Institute (KI) in holding open community meetings every month for the past several years, to provide a safe space for people to explore and examine issues and concerns with a very diverse gathering of people who quickly come to know about each other in ways that don’t usually occur in our society today.

As Charles Eisenstein has recently written, “In my work I have discovered that the most powerful gatherings were the ones that were not recorded, as if the shielding from the outside world allowed us to enter a separate reality more completely.  These gatherings also seem to ripple their power out into the future beyond the room, despite the lack of any attempt to make that happen.  Maybe causality doesn’t work the way we’ve been told.”

The disturbing photos and videos from Standing Rock strongly evoke memories of the abuse of people working in the civil rights movement of the 1960’s, with attacks by dogs and fire hoses.  Which is why law enforcement has unconstitutionally seized drones taking video, and jammed live streaming to social media from the camps in North Dakota at times.

The camps are so isolated, and there is almost no mainstream media coverage.  It was very fortunate that Amy Goodman and the team from Democracy Now! were onsite to document the vicious attacks with dogs.

Here are some multimedia resources you might use to raise awareness with your friends.

Ra Wyse, Wyse Radio, interviewed me about local #NoDAPL actions:


My online photos related to several #NoDAPL events here in Indianapolis.  You have my permission to use them:!Avb9bFhezZpPh6lG9yID1Jj2_jT06A

This new video from Nahko and Medicine for the People is one of the most powerful things I’ve ever seen:


This video, made with the help of my friends Derek Glass and Andrew Burger, is about climate change, tar sands, and the Keystone Pipeline resistance.


Finally, I’ve written a lot of blog posts related to the Dakota Access Pipeline, that may provide more for you to share with others.



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