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Abolish White Supremacist Monuments in Iowa

Yesterday I saw some of my friends speaking in an online conversation about removing monuments to white supremacy in the state of Iowa. This is something they have been teaching me about over the past year. Links to those posts … Continue reading

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Combating State Repression

The title of the article, Defending Standing Rock, Combating State Repression, caught my attention this morning. I remember how shocking it was to see police in full riot gear and military vehicles facing nonviolent, often praying people at Standing Rock. … Continue reading

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Crossing the Divide

My friend Ed Fallon, and Bold Iowa are engaged in an important project to bridge the extreme polarization in this country today. NOTE: The following is from a blog post related to this I wrote in 2018. I’m thinking more … Continue reading

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Settler Colonialism as Structure

This morning my Quaker meeting will be discussing resources in preparation for upcoming meetings related to the question, How Is White Supremacy Keeping Us From Hearing God’s Voice? Following is the abstract of one of those resources. AbstractUnderstanding settler colonialism … Continue reading

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I continue to struggle to convince others that we cannot make progress toward justice as long as we are content to remain in systems that continue to cause injustice. Racism is built into the social, economic and political structures of … Continue reading

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Divided by Pipelines

A Pipeline Runs Through It. Part one of an ongoing series by Indian Country Today Divided by pipelines. Demand for jobs clash with traditional teachings, split families and friends along the Line 3 pipeline route. Mary Annette Pember, Indian Country … Continue reading

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Moral injury, soul repair and Quaker Indian residential schools

I’ve just learned of the concepts of moral injury and soul repair. The vast majority of the literature is related to soldiers and war. Unsurprising as there is a profound disconnect between religion’s commandment not to kill, and soldiers experiencing … Continue reading

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Naming Historical Moral Injuries Committed in Quaker Colonizing

In response to today’s blog post, Moral Injury, Tom Kunesh sent the following response that I found very helpful. I am just getting to know Tom through our work on the Decolonizing Quakers steering committee. Decolonizing Quakers Jeff –  thanks … Continue reading

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Moral Injury

I recently came across a discussion of moral injury, and immediately recognized how that applied to a number of situations in my life, past and present. Much of what is written about moral injury relates to war. Unsurprisingly as combatants … Continue reading

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#ShutDownDAPL #NoLine3 #NoKXL

It’s hard to keep up with the news about pipelines these days. Long gone are the days when pipeline permits and construction were unquestionably approved. Following is news about current resistance to three pipelines. Keystone XL (#NoKXL), Dakota Access Pipeline … Continue reading

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