Living in Indianapolis makes it a challenge to be involved with my Monthly (Bear Creek) and Yearly Meetings (Iowa Yearly Meeting Conservative), but I have worked hard to do so.  I was clerk of the Yearly Meeting’s Publication committee for about ten years, then clerk of the Earthcare committee (during the years Ken Lawrence wasn’t), and for the past several years co-clerk of the Yearly Meeting’s Peace and Social Concerns committee with Sherry Hutchison.

To help those of us who live a distance from Bear Creek, for the past couple of years we have be doing “long distance queries”.  Each month those who live away from Bear Creek are invited to submit their responses to the month’s query.  Those responses are then considered during the discussion of those who can attend at the meetinghouse.  Both distant Friends and those who live locally have found this to be a meaningful practice.

With the encouragement of Iowa Friends, I began attending North Meadow Circle of Friends, and unprogrammed meeting that is, fortunately, just five blocks away from me. This has proven to be very beneficial for me.


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