Calling for a Nonviolent Revolution

I have reached the conclusion that our political/economic system has become so corrupted and non-responsive that real change is no longer possible from within that system. That realization is combined with the increasing pain of the soul that comes from participating in an unjust system. We have been living through a time of class warfare, and the wealthy have been winning the material side of it.

That might not be so bad if one isn’t a materialist. But the wealthy have overstepped, creating an oppressive situation so bad many don’t have basic necessities for life. This is a moral outrage.  Poverty is a man-made condition. Our system is creating poverty.

As long as we participate we contribute to the problem. We used to be fulfilled by raising our families, doing our jobs well, and participating in our communities. Unemployment was very low and most people were earning at least a living wage. No longer.

Militarism and materialism, which feed each other, are out of control. We don’t even know how much is spent by the military because the information is considered classified. While millions live in poverty, many are even homeless. And the rich attempt to reduce or stop even the comparatively minor amount spent on social safety net programs.

Ferguson is not a surprise. The wealthy have been pushing to militarize the police for many years, in order to put down the social unrest everyone knows is coming.

The problem for the wealthy is this system only continues with our consent. I’m writing this now because I’m just beginning to seriously consider how to withdraw my consent, and I could use any ideas you might have.