Call to Come to Standing Rock

The following report was sent to me from Joshua Taflinger, my friend who has been the main organizer of our local #NoDAPL efforts.  Joshua just returned from Standing Rock.

I am considering whether I can go to Standing Rock myself.  I received a very negative reaction when I raised this possibility at work a couple of weeks ago.  The context of that is that I’m planning to retire at the end of June, and there is much to be done to train others to take over my responsibilities.  I’m hoping the next conversation will be along the lines of a temporary leave.

Alex Red Bear (brown stocking cap below) organized our #NoDAPL rally downtown yesterday.  It was fortunate timing that I closed my Chase account Wednesday, so that I would have that experience to share when I spoke to the crowd about defunding the DAPL.  After the speeches, we marched to the Circle, past Chase Tower, and back to the Statehouse.

Standing Rock Update and rumor control (February 4th, 10:45pm)
We have been in camp all week collecting information face to face directly from camp coordinators and leaders in Oceti Oyate, Rosebud, and the new Black Hoop Camp. **(Didn’t spend time in Sacred Stone, so can’t report facts on that one. Rumor has it that Sacred Stone will be evicted soon, but no one really knows)
All camps agree that Dave Archambault and the SRST are corrupt politicians that have been bought and have bailed on the people that THEY called out to stand and help protect the water, land, and sacred sites.
So All camps are in unification on the stance that You should disregard all reports, announcements, and statements from Dave and SRST council. They have joined the side of the enemy(DAPL) out of greed and corruption and are no longer to be trusted, believed, or regarded as a credible source.
Enrolled tribal members have begun a process to impeach Dave Archambault and other members of the SRST tribal council for their failure to support the people they asked to come help.
The Army Corps announced an eviction notice to Oceti Oyate(main camp) and the sections of Rosebud that the Army Corps has illegally (based on the treaties) claimed for February 22nd. Many are cleaning up, packing up, and heading out.
Many others are dedicated to stay and stand and are praying for you, Veterans, anyone to stand and resist with us on the 22nd!
The numbers in camp are dwindling and with these declining numbers, when police raid on the 22nd, they will have no problem clearing out the resistance. We cannot quit now. If we give them this victory they will just keep taking more and more until there is nothing left to stand for.
Now more than ever, people are being called to camp. It would logistically be much more difficult/improbable for police to clear out camp if there were 1,000’s present on the 22nd.
Come prepared to resist and potentially be arrested. If you don’t come, this will be over!
Rosebud camp is focused on major clean up efforts as well as working out logistics to move their camp up the hill to higher ground to the new Blackhoop Memorial Camp.
This will be an invitation only camp. This will be a peaceful prayer camp. Plan on going to this camp only if you have been invited.
All camps, especially Rosebud, need help cleaning up the grounds to prevent the debris from getting washed into the river if flooding occurs. Please go NOW!! You are NEEDED and encouraged to help with clean up efforts if possible. Many hands make light work.
And this is directly from those who are committed to staying and resisting DAPL. There is a call for the VETERANS to begin arriving before the 22nd, set up, and dig in and prepare. If you do not come in large numbers, the camp will be crushed and cleared out.
Face your fears! Get in your car and get your ass to Standing Rock!! This is our last chance to STAND and kill this Black Snake!

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