Return to Chase Bank

I’ve written several things about my experiences related to defunding the Dakota Access Pipeline.   One of the most significant things for me, that day, was how nicely the three people in the Chase bank treated me.  At first I thought the lobby officer was just being polite because that was his job, but after a couple of interactions I knew he was being sincere.  I also described how very nice the banker was.

I was disconcerted because I wasn’t expecting that.  I evidently have some misconceptions.  I think I like it better when I’m not the mistaken one.

As it happens, I’ve been reading some of Charles Eisenstein’s writings, which I really resonate with.  The idea of ‘interbeing’, of everyone and everything connected to, and influencing each other.  So during that visit to the bank, I was very aware of a feeling of spiritual support from both my Quaker communities, and my new, tentative connections with Native Americans, and also with my friend Joshua who was at Standing Rock at this time.  I felt a great calm.

And I felt a transfer of goodwill between me and those in the bank.  To the such an extent, that I returned to the bank this evening, to drop off three copies of the blog article describing how well they had treated me, and the whole defunding process.  I didn’t think the banker who said she supported #NoDAPL would get in trouble for that (which was part of the article), but I was hoping I might give the copies to her, so she could decide whether to share them.  Fortunately, she was alone in her office.  When she glanced up, she gave me a big smile and waved me in.  She got up and took my hand in both of hers again, and asked what she could do for me.  I again thanked her for her kindness Wednesday, and told her I had told others that, and written a blog article to share the story.  Then I handed her the three copies and told her I hoped there wasn’t anything that might get her in trouble, and she could share them, or not.

She then told me she and her husband had talked about our visit and the pipeline.

This is how our stories spread.

She again thanked me, and took my hand in both of hers when I left.

Just now I was reviewing what else was in that blog post.  Now I guess Chase bank employees can see how much has been withdrawn from the banks, and that there have been previous defunding efforts.

I really had not intended to be a Trojan horse.



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2 Responses to Return to Chase Bank

  1. The Leckbands says:

    Dear Jeff, Thank you for sharing this brave experience, and your return. It sounds like your kind approach and humility touched their hearts, and opened way for light. Our thoughts are with you. with appreciation, Jackie

    • jakisling says:

      Thanks, Jackie. It looks like the timing was good, because I’ve been invited to talk about closing accounts at the banks funding DAPL at a #NoDAPL rally at the State Capitol building this afternoon.

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