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Await the coming of the truth

I’ve tried to explain why I write so much. From that blog post: “That is the reason I feel led to write so much, to try to be more explicit about our spirituality. Led is the key word here. The … Continue reading

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We don’t need God?

Britain Yearly Meeting is meeting this weekend, and will be discussing whether to revise their Faith and Practice. Yesterday Simon Jenkins wrote an  opinion piece in The Guardian, The Quakers are right. We don’t need God. The subtitle reads “The … Continue reading

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A New Day

Partly as a result of recent discussions on the Facebook page, Quakers Welcome Spiritual Seekers, I’m continuing to wonder about how we express our spiritual experiences and how we can share those experiences with others.  Especially now that we are beginning … Continue reading

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Describing spiritual experience

I’ve written about trying to find ways to let spiritual seekers know about Quakers and the resources we might have to offer. One of the things I did was create the Facebook group, Quakers Welcome Spiritual Seekers. This is the … Continue reading

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