Describing spiritual experience

I’ve written about trying to find ways to let spiritual seekers know about Quakers and the resources we might have to offer. One of the things I did was create the Facebook group, Quakers Welcome Spiritual Seekers.

This is the description of the group on that Facebook page:

Quakers find great meaning in the spiritual aspects of life, and earnestly look for other spiritual seekers to connect and share with. The intention of this group is to provide resources for people who are looking for information about Quakers. To find Quakers near you:
Disclaimer: No one speaks for all Quakers. This group is merely intended to be a resource. 

I put information about various Quaker organizations on the page, and then began putting copies of some of my blog posts there.

A Facebook page can have “pinned” posts, which stay on the top of the page.  The pinned post is:

Originally I thought of this page as being a place for spiritual seekers interested in Quakers to find resources.
I’m leery about negative Facebook comments, and yet I, and others, would be interested to hear what you, spiritual seekers, are looking for. How might Quakers better connect and engage with you?

This morning, one seeker left the following comment:

After reading the pinned post and skimming the posts below. I’m left feeling that the stated intent is entirely missed. Or I could be wrong. I get that maybe the posts are showing faith in action but, one could be active in social causes without any spiritual connection. This is an issue I find when I’ve visited Quakers and online as well . I rarely get a glimpse of the Spiritual side just activism. I’m not writing from a negative place just sharing experience and view from where I’m at.

This is my response:

Thank you for your comments. I agree. I find it difficult to accurately describe spiritual experiences, and have fallen into the pattern you describe of trying to use the actions that some spiritual experiences lead to, to give a hint of the underlying experience. I’ll continue to think about this.
But the other objective of this site is to hear what spiritual seekers are looking for, and you have helped with that.
One of the more helpful things I’ve read related to this is the new book, The Gandhian Iceberg, by Chris Moore-Backman.
This blog post is one attempt at addressing this:…/28/spiritual-warriors/

I would really welcome anything you might offer to help describe spiritual experiences.

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