Await the coming of the truth

I’ve tried to explain why I write so much. From that blog post:

“That is the reason I feel led to write so much, to try to be more explicit about our spirituality. Led is the key word here. The spiritual messages I have received over the years indicate that I need to try to express my spiritual messages in words and photographs as best I can.

As I learned to listen more often and more closely to the Inner Light, I became aware that each morning I awoke asking the Spirit, “what are we going to do today?” Often one of those things was to write yet another blog post. That is why I write so much.”

I usually don’t know the night before what I will write the following morning. But nearly every morning as I wait in silence, what I should write becomes known to me.  At times my fingers move across the keyboard almost of their own accord and I don’t realize what has been written until I go to the beginning and read the words. Other times the writing emerges slowly, and often painfully, like something gradually taking shape out of a fog. Sometimes there is no message that day.

Sometimes it is something I’d rather not write about, like yesterday’s post for example. Sometimes I need to face things I’d rather not. But what is the purpose of being given a new day if not to push our limits? I believe something is wrong if we don’t find ourselves uncomfortable, frequently. What passes for normal these days is too often wrong.

George Sheehan expresses this so well in the quote below in the beginning of his book Running & Being: The Total Experience, one of my favorite books. I was led to search out this book because I began to be able to run again recently. For some unknown reason, even after a battery of medical tests, I became unable to run about two years ago. But I missed running so much, I kept trying and am now so joyful and thankful to find I am able to run again.

Writing is the final form of the truth that comes from my running . For when I run, I am a hunter and the prey is my self, my own truth . Not only my own truth felt and my own truth known, but my own truth written . Good writing is true writing. A thing written as true as it can be done. And that truth must be sought deep inside of me.“ Look into your heart, ”said the poet, “and write.” The hunt, then, is in my heart, my inner universe, my inner landscape, my deepest inner forest.

To reach these recesses, these hiding places below the conscious, I must first create a solitude.  I must achieve the aloneness that is necessary for the creative act whether one is a master or a common man like myself. Because nothing creative, great or small, has been done by committee. And having reached this solitude, this privacy, this detachment, I must await the coming of truth and know how I am to write itSheehan, George. Running & Being: The Total Experience (pp. 1-2). Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/Rodale. Kindle Edition.

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