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Martin Luther King often spoke of the three basic roots of injustice: racism, militarism and materialism. From the Gandhian Iceberg, by Chris Moore-Backman: St. Basil put it plainly: “You with a second coat in your closet, it does not belong … Continue reading

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Indy plan says NO to for-profit prisons

According to a recent article in the Indianapolis Star, part of Mayor Hogsett’s  plans for a new criminal justice center includes terminating the city’s contract with a private prison company. “First and foremost, that’s the job of our elected sheriff — to … Continue reading

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The first shall be last, and the last, first

All kinds of things are bouncing around in me and my spirit on this day of great political transition and turmoil. I was thinking yet again that attention to the spirit is how we will move forward justly, together, and … Continue reading

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Economic Failure

At the root of our problems today is the failure of our economic system.  The last century saw us convert from primarily a rural society to an urban, industrial one.  We changed from living in small communities where we raised our own … Continue reading

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