The first shall be last, and the last, first

All kinds of things are bouncing around in me and my spirit on this day of great political transition and turmoil.

I was thinking yet again that attention to the spirit is how we will move forward justly, together, and wondering how to get more people engaged in doing so.

Then I was thinking something along the lines of how often it is people with little material resources who have the best spiritual lives.  And I started, erroneously, to think something like, well that is to be expected if you don’t have many other resources to occupy your time and interest.

Then I remembered that people with better spiritual lives understand material possessions are not of real value, so they don’t pursue them.  That helps them avoid many moral traps facing people intent on gathering wealth.  These were lessons I learned from Quakers, and more recently from the KI (Kheprw Institute) community.

It is because of their spiritual values that many have little interest in pursuing material possessions.

That doesn’t in any way suggest policies and actions that deny or unfairly treat those who are working to provide for the material needs of their families, many of which exist today.




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