Sacred Activism

Sacred Activism is the subtitle of the book The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible, by Charles Eisenstein, which I have been reading.  This is going to be the subject of the next book discussion at the Kheprw Institute (KI).

I’m finding his discussions of the Story of Separation, the old story, and the Story of Interbeing, the new story, very helpful in trying to understand the major changes occurring in our societies.  The Story of Separation is of each person being self contained and apart from other people and the Earth.

Interbeing is basically the opposite of that.  Here are some of the principles of Interbeing:

• That my being partakes of your being and that of all beings. This goes beyond interdependency—our very existence is relational.
• That, therefore, what we do to another, we do to ourselves.
• That each of us has a unique and necessary gift to give the world.
• That the purpose of life is to express our gifts.
• That every act is significant and has an effect on the cosmos.
• That we are fundamentally unseparate from each other, from all beings, and from the universe.
• That every person we encounter and every experience we have mirrors something
in ourselves.
• That humanity is meant to join fully the tribe of all life on Earth, offering our uniquely human gifts toward the well-being and development of the whole.
• That purpose, consciousness, and intelligence are innate properties of matter and the universe.

I am hoping we continue to move from the Story of Separation to the Story of Interbeing as a society.  This is especially important to me today, as the Obama Presidency ends, and the Trump one begins.  Unfortunately, the incoming Republican administration is fully committed to the Story of Separation, but I believe we will continue to move into the Story of Interbeing.


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