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Visualizing CO2 Emissions

Yesterday I wrote about my wish for the new year and beyond, that masses of people would act to reduce fossil fuel use, to decrease environmental damage from the resulting greenhouse gas emissions. I continue to wonder how we can … Continue reading

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Civic Responsibility 3 – Environment

Continuing to think about the Quaker queries we are considering regarding civic responsibility (Civic Responsibility and Civic Responsibility 2), I earlier wrote about peace vigils and marches.  The primary query I am referring to is: How do we share our … Continue reading

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First time bicycle at Bear Creek

I know that riding a bicycle to Quaker meeting is not a new idea.  Some meetinghouses, including Des Moines Valley Friends,  have bicycle racks. The Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) offices in Washington, DC, have bicycle racks, showers and … Continue reading

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Beginning Bicycle Plans

I’ve been thinking more about bicycling around the Midwest, mainly between Quaker meeting communities. I’ve been thinking about hot temperatures (its 90 degrees here now), wind, and dusty, gravel roads. Or drenching downpours. I’m thinking I could use some advice … Continue reading

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