Beginning Bicycle Plans

I’ve been thinking more about bicycling around the Midwest, mainly between Quaker meeting communities. I’ve been thinking about hot temperatures (its 90 degrees here now), wind, and dusty, gravel roads. Or drenching downpours. I’m thinking I could use some advice from those of you who have experience with this.

Also, as Jon Krieg (AFSC Des Moines) suggested, I think it would be great if others would like to join me for parts of these journeys.  Do you remember when Iowa Friends would meet in state parks to camp together when we were growing up?  Maybe this could develop into something like that.

Obviously part of the idea is to focus on getting off fossil fuels.  We’ll have to spend some time at the Indigenous Iowa camp near Williamsburg.  The more bicycles, the more attention we’d likely attract.  Even if people just wanted to join me at the edge of town, and ride through town together.  This should be something kids could get behind.

There is no schedule, yet. But I have begun to look at some distances. Just getting to Bear Creek from Indianola is about 44 miles and should take just under 4 hours, according to Google Maps.

The moment that he Begins to walk along it, the Warrior of the Light recognizes the Path. Each stone, each bend cries welcome to him. He identifies with the mountains and the streams, he sees something of his own soul in the plants and the animals and the birds of the field. Then, accepting the help of God and of God’s Signs, he allows his Personal Legend to guide him toward the tasks that life has reserved for him. On some nights, he has nowhere to sleep, on others, he suffers from insomnia. “That’s just how it is,” thinks the Warrior. “I was the one who chose to walk this path.” In these words lies all his power: He chose the path along which he is walking and so has no complaints.

Coelho, Paulo. Warrior of the Light: A Manual (p. 16). HarperCollins. Kindle Edition.


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2 Responses to Beginning Bicycle Plans

  1. Eleanor Hinshaw Mullendore says:

    Remember Peace Pilgrim? Did you ever go on one of the Scattergood cross country bike trips for Intersession? I remember well the trip in Pennsylvania that Charles helped to lead. I loved the canoe trips. and the Rocky Mountain hiking trips. I suppose that still goes on. I am a bit old to be riding a bike, but not saying I could not try! Peace Pilgrim was 70 when she began walking for Peace. Fr. Richard Rhor, the Franciscan monk who is having such an impact all over the world, reminds us that you cannot change the world until you change yourself. Taking responsibility for my health and life on a very deep level is healing my back and taking away the lump in my breast I discovered two weeks ago. I love your idea, Jeff.

    • jakisling says:

      I’m sorry to hear of your health issues, Eleanor. I’m a little unsure about bicycling myself, since I had to stop running a couple of years ago because of exercise intolerance. No, the bicycle trips weren’t being done when I was at Scattergood. Yes, I remember the Peace Pilgrim, thanks for reminding me.

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