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A time for reckoning?

Will this be the day that will launch steps toward racial justice in the land called the United States? The horrendous public execution of George Floyd by White police officers has triggered massive protests in cities across the country and … Continue reading

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STRIKE! for Black Lives

José Santos Woss: Holding Black and Brown Lives in the Light. Please share these powerful words on race in America from José Santos Woss, FCNL’s Legislative Manager, Criminal Justice and Election Integrity. About In this moment of national reckoning, … Continue reading

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To sleep is to fall into belief

I haven’t heard get “woke” used for some time. Maybe because Barack Obama said being “woke” doesn’t mean anything unless you do something in response. It’s been disappointing to witness how many people have slept and fallen into belief regarding … Continue reading

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We’re all reeling, trying to make sense of the significant changes that have occurred, and continue to occur in our everyday lives. In a matter of weeks the coronavirus pandemic has exploded across the world. Is pushing, has pushed, economies … Continue reading

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A chance for you to support #CapitalismIsThePandemic

Today, a 50’ sky banner visible to millions stating #CAPITALISMISTHEPANDEMIC circled Manhattan–the US bedrock of capitalism and banking–to deliver a powerful message of protest against colonization and worker injustice in solidarity with essential workers who aren’t properly protected or supported. I’ve … Continue reading

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#CapitalismIsThePandemic day of action

As I wrote yesterday, today is the day for #CapitalismIsThePandemic. One of many actions related to global mass strikes. This is a creative action, especially in these times when gatherings should be discouraged because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is … Continue reading

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CAPITALISM IS THE PANDEMIC #CapitalismIsThePandemic I’ve recently been studying, thinking and writing about the idea of an era of global mass strikes that began yesterday, May 1, International Workers Day. Having been involved with many movements over the course of my life, many … Continue reading

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Choice: Mass Strikes or Chaos?

I’m as weary as you probably are of yet another effort to mobilize. But I think it is clear that if significant changes aren’t made in our current situation, chaos will ensue. There will be more gun toting people attempting … Continue reading

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I’ve often wondered why I was led to name my blog Quakers, social justice and revolution. Or rather, what was the Revolution about? Some things I’ve been involved in, like draft resistance, Quaker Social Change Ministry, the Keystone Pledge of … Continue reading

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