A chance for you to support #CapitalismIsThePandemic

Today, a 50’ sky banner visible to millions stating #CAPITALISMISTHEPANDEMIC circled Manhattan–the US bedrock of capitalism and banking–to deliver a powerful message of protest against colonization and worker injustice in solidarity with essential workers who aren’t properly protected or supported.


I’ve been anxiously waiting for someone to post photos of the sky banner. These are from Michael Nigro.

Everyone can participate in this unique action by sharing images and the hashtag #capitalismisthepandemic on social media and by creating similar actions around the country. See the Social Media Toolkit here: https://seedingsovereignty.org/media-tool-kit

1. Share these images on social media.

2. Use these hashtags:

#CapitalismIsThePandemic #CitizensInThePresent #SeedingSovereignty #CITP #COVID19 #Coronavirus #NationalWorkersDay #MayDay #ReturnStolenLand #GND #ImmigrantRights

3. Re-tweet these tweets:

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See the Social Media Toolkit here: https://seedingsovereignty.org/media-tool-kit

On May 3rd we are celebrating International Workers’ Day and worker solidarity. International Workers’ Day (May 1st) is a time to take to the streets for a day of political action, strikes, marches, and demonstrations to demand fairness, equality, and rights. During shelter in place orders, we can keep this ardent tradition going strong, especially when unprecedented numbers around the country are suffering the serious effects of unpaid leave, lack of healthcare, and scarce social services, and being forced to work in unsafe conditions.


With this action:

We demand an end the colonial-capitalist economy supported by institutionalized white supremacist and heteropatriarchal systems that have devastated our lands, climate, and peoples through ceaseless resource extraction, land occupation, border imperialism, misogyny, homophobia, enslavement, and genocide. 

We declare that our privileged comrades and allies reject all transactions with members of the corporate, white-supremacist oligarchy that has hijacked our land, our working bodies, and our society; the cause of the global climate crisis, injustice, and widespread pandemics. 

We are certain that until we refuse the terms of the oligarchy, it won’t bend. The privileged must put their resources (labor, time, savings, earnings) back into the communities they have benefited from. Sorry General Motors, sorry Chase Manhattan, sorry United, sorry Amazon, sorry Exxon Mobil. We’ve got work to do here, to grow the world we want to live in. You’re blocking the sun.

  • The Green New Deal is a modest beginning and must be led by Indigenous stewards of the land and frontline Black, Latino/Latina, immigrant and communities of color.
  • Single-payer health care is a no brainer.
  • Reparations are a necessity.
  • Return of stolen land and sovereignty is a must.
  • Abolish border imperialism.
  • Break the glass ceiling.
  • Respect all orientations
  • End mass incarceration.
  • We work together, we dream together, we fight together.

We work together, we dream together, we fight together.

Citizens In the Present & Seeding Sovereignty

Citizens In the Present is an ad-hoc group of friends and collaborators brought together by Jason Livingston in rapid response to the accelerated precarity of all working people.  We believe that the current crisis lays bare the fundamental, foundational, and ongoing flaws of a capitalist system that puts the planet and its people at daily risk.  We hope our action inspires others to be creative and determined in their resistance.  We are truly citizens of the world.

Seeding Sovereignty is a collective of Indigenous Folx Creating Radical Change. In a time of climate crisis, we work on behalf of our global community to shift social and environmental paradigms by dismantling colonial institutions and replacing them with Indigenous practices created in synchronicity with the land. 

#CapitalismIsThePandemic #CitizensInThePresent #SeedingSovereignty #CITP #COVID19 #Coronavirus #NationalWorkersDay #MayDay #ReturnStolenLand #GND #ImmigrantRights

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