Callout for Support at Port of Vancouver

Callout for Support at Port of Vancouver! 

Police Presence Emerging at Port of Vancouver as RCMP approach Unist’ot’en 

Reinforcements and Legal Observers are Needed at Van Port at Clark and Hastings!    

Matriarchs at Unist’ot’en Bridge  

Port Shutdown entering its 4th day! No capital can flow when RCMP Invade Indigenous lands!   If you’re in Vancouver and can make it to Clark and Hastings please get there! 

RCMP are moving in on the Unist’ot’en Healing Centre as this is being written and this is no time to stand down! 

Live updates from Unist’ot’en are being posted here:
The action at the port has been led and organized by indigenous people and settlers are asked to report to Clark and Hastings to check in before going to other blockades. Dress warmly, people who can stay overnight are needed. 

Follow this page for live info from the Port of Vancouver

If you’re in Victoria join the ongoing occupation of the BC Legislature led by indigenous youth

In Winnipeg Indigenous youth and Supporters have been occupying MP Dan Vandal’s for over 172 hours

Organizing an action? Post it here: 

This is no time to stand down! We’re all tired but not as tired as our friends on the frontline facing the RCMP! 

-Unist’ot’en Solidarity Brigade

Convoy Approaching Unist’ot’en Just Before Nightfall
Red Dresses for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Woman on Unist’ot’en Bridge
Freda at Unist’ot’en Village Bridge
Workers supporting the Port Shutdown. Join the folks at the port!    

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