Green New Deal and Iowa

I was glad to be on a conference call this week, where Ed Fallon, Christine Nobiss, Kathy Byrnes, Shari Hrdina of Bold Iowa were able to talk with Sunrise Movement’s Will Lawrence about how we can support the Sunrise Movement and efforts to implement a Green New Deal. This was a kind of partners call, where we discussed other people and organizations in Iowa that we can work with, such as Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement (ICCI).

The first Sunrise Movement action in Iowa that I am aware of will happen today when we visit Senator Ernst’s Des Moines office to ask that she support the Green New Deal. That will be at 2:00 this afternoon. Join us if you can. Calling her office this morning, before this visit would be especially helpful. Her office number is (202) 224-3254

Maybe you could also send letters to our congressional representatives. Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement (ICCI) has a web page that will help you write and send such letters. Following is the template you can adapt for your own letter. Here is the link.

Green New Deal policies should aspire to three goals:
Tackle the climate crisis and toxic pollution,
Create millions of good, high-paying jobs, and
Fight racial, economic, and gender inequity.
Green New Deal policies that could achieve all three goals include:
Investing in green infrastructure like light rail and a smart grid.
Ending all new fossil fuel extraction and fossil fuel infrastructure.
Weatherizing buildings to make them more energy efficient.
Revitalizing our manufacturing sector to support a clean energy revolution.
Training brigades of workers to restore our natural resources and help communities respond to climate change.
Promoting sustainable farming practices that reduce pollution and help family farmers.
The recently-introduced Green New Deal resolutions name these and other policies that could help us transition from an economy of low wages and climate pollution to one driven by dignified work and 100% clean energy.

The Green New Deal is a big idea. Many industries and people feel threatened by the changes the Green New Deal represents. I’ve been trying to visualize how the Green New Deal might work in Iowa. Following is a draft of those ideas. Your comments would be welcome.

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