Senator Ernst and Green New Deal

Yesterday Iowa Citizen for Community Improvement (ICCI) hosted a meeting with Senator Joni Ernst’s state director, Clarke Scanlon, to talk about the urgent need for a Green New Deal. A number of ICCI staff and members were at the event, including Adam Mason, state policy director, and Matt Ohloff, senior campaign organizer. Also there were Ed Fallon (Bold Iowa) and Peter Clay, a member of Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative). Virginia Wadsley, who I met while working with the Poor People’s Campaign in Iowa was also there.

A similar meeting about the Green New Deal was also held at Senator Ernst’s Cedar Rapids office yesterday.

In addition, Judy Plank, a member of Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative)’s Peace and Social Concerns Committee sent the following message:

Jeff, yesterday was my monthly visit to Senators district offices in Sioux City. I talked about the need to pass the Green New Deal resolution in both offices and left letters with each reviewing my concerns. It just happened that that was the same day as more outreach by many others.

Judy Plank, Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative)

When I asked Judy for permission to use her message, she said:

Yes, and just prior to my going to the Senators offices, I attended the monthly Siouxland Progressive Women’s luncheon. The guest speaker was from Morningside College speaking about the myths out there about global warming. He was speaking to a sympathetic group, but it was good to hear on a very cold late February day, and good to hear just before I was urging our Republican Senators support of the Green New Deal resolution.

Judy Plank, Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative)

I was anxious to see if the youth in Iowa were as concerned about our environmental emergency as the youth we have seen going to Congress to bring attention to the idea of a Green New Deal. I was very happy to see youth passionate about the Green New Deal show up yesterday. And I was glad to hear how articulate they were as they spoke, and many of them did. One of them told us she had traveled an hour to be there, and had never done anything like this before. One student mentioned she was 18 years old. Others were high school students who had to miss school to be there.

Asking Sen. Ernst to support a Green New Deal

I admit I was uncomfortable with the loud chanting that occurred at times, amplified further with a megaphone. But this is what these youth feel they have to do to bring attention to an issue that has so long been ignored. This is definitely a youth-led movement and I feel the role of those of us who are no longer young is to support these youth.

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