Indigenous Peoples Day

Reparations refers to correcting past wrongs. Some of the greatest wrongs committed by the United States include the enslavement of Black people, the genocide, broken treaties and land theft of Native Americans, the internment of Japanese Americans, the separation of children from their loved ones at our southern border, and acts of war.

There don’t seem to be clear answers about what form reparations for these things might take.

But the very least we can do is stop perpetuating wrongs. Stop our acts of war. Stop separating children from their loved ones. Stop environmental damage. Fix an economic system that causes millions of people to struggle for food, healthcare, education and shelter. Fix a justice system that targets people of color.

Stop continuing to celebrate the arrival of white Europeans in America. Stop the erasure of the Native Americans who have lived in this land, and respected and cared for it for thousands of years before Columbus arrived. Stop continuing to try to silence indigenous people who love and respect Mother Earth, who pray and stand as water protectors.

Cities and states that have ditched Columbus Day

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