Bicycle Trip Across the U.S.

My Scattergood Friends School classmates Dan Mott and Steve Maxwell just completed their epic journey across the United States on bicycles. Following is a summary about the trip.

Mission Accomplished! From Sea to Shining Sea!

39 days- 3,314 total miles- 133,947 feet of climbing- 16.41mph daily average mph.
8 flats, 3 tires, one cable shifter, unknown gallons of Gatorade, coffee, cokes, water and a couple of beers, 11 bags of Dot’s Pretzels, a daily bag of potato chips, unknown quantities of donuts, rolls, apple fritters, scones, muffins and cookies and several jars of peanut butter. The four Saggers drove over 10,000 miles and flew over 3,000 miles to provide 24/7 coverage over the 6 weeks of this adventure.

Great success on the fundraisers: Cherokee Trails: over $5,000 raised for local trails at the Go-Fund-Me page.

Scattergood Friends School -$15,000 for student scholarships were raised by Steve and Dan at the Scattergood School site.

The fundraisers will close on October 15, 2018.

To donate to Scattergood Friends School go to their website, and write “Dan and Steve’s Biking Adventure” in the notes.

To donate to Cherokee Trails system go the Go-fund-me page mpaign=upd_n

I wrote more about this trip and their stop in Indianola here:

I also came upon this old entry from my journal. I had forgotten about their visit when I was a freshman at Earlham College

Journal 11/15/1970

Dan Mott and Steve Maxwell stopped here Friday night and Saturday. Steve may come to Earlham next year, and Dan is looking into various colleges. They are riding their motorcycles to Florida, hoping to work with the National Park Service. I think they were very wise to not attend college right after Scattergood.

Photos from visit to Indianola during the bicycle trip, September 10, 2018.

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