Giving Thanks

Yesterday our First Nation-Farmer Climate Unity March arrived at our destination in Fort Dodge. Being together hours on the road, at meals, and sometimes sleeping in the same room provided many, many opportunities to share our lives and spirits with each other, and the spirits of all that surrounded us, the trees and plants, animals, land, sky and water. And share with the spirits of all of you who supported us in so many ways.

Manape LaMere, one of the seven headsmen from Standing Rock, organized the security and safety for our March. I believe he summarized our purpose well, saying the reason we are living and marching together on this journey was so we can work together in the future. To be able to do that, we have to trust each other. To trust each other, we have to understand each other. I believe we made significant progress along this path to understanding and trust during these days we were constantly together. We were all sad to leave our mobile community. But I think we all are looking forward to our next opportunities to be with and work together. This is just the beginning of our journey.

I have so much I’d like to share, but am preparing to leave to be at my Quaker meeting, Bear Creek, who have been among our most faithful supporters.

I don’t have many photos of myself since I’m usually taking the photos. Here is one someone took, where I am with my new friends Matthew Lone Bear, with Foxy and Alton in the background.

Thank you all for the many ways you helped us along this journey.

Jeff and Matt


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