On the last leg of the March

In ways it seems like this day would never get here. And other ways I think a lot of us would kind of wish to continue. We have a final 12 miles to Fort Dodge. I’m writing this on my cell phone for the first time since we don’t have much of an internet signal.

We had a really powerful program last night. More on that later.

Today’s March will be kind of different for me. My camera battery finally died and I did not bring a battery charger with me. In some ways it will be kind of nice. We’ll have more time to enjoy what we’re actually walking past.

We got up at six in hopes of reaching Fort Dodge by 1:30

Ready to March

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4 Responses to On the last leg of the March

  1. Kathleen J. Hall says:

    I’m glad you saw the toad, Jeff, and shared it.

  2. Gary Clague says:

    Glad I can still follow!

  3. Rebekah Johnson says:

    Congratulations on coming together for this march. Today is my birthday and the place I was born and spent the first 16 years is very close to where you are (Nevada). Seeing your pictures and reading about the march is a real treat and nice thing to do on my birthday – it brings back childhood memories. Anyway, in my opinion, what these oil and pipeline companies have done in constructing the pipeline across Iowa is folly of the grandest nature and hurts people as well as the land. Many blessings to all of you. Good things will come of this act of unity and education.

    • jakisling says:

      Rebekah, thank you so much for letting me know your comment was not approved. That lead me to find there were 4 comments I somehow had not approved. Also, thank you very much for your comment. It should be approved now.

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