Right now in America, our land is being raped

I met Joshua Taflinger and his wife Brandi August 30, 2016, during the first organizing meeting for the Dakota Access Pipeline resistance in Indianapolis, at the White Pine Wilderness Academy. They were married last August. I took the bus to Indianapolis to attend the wedding.

They were the main organizers of our #NoDAPL efforts.  Joshua went to Standing Rock several times, taking supplies with him.

I completely agree with what he wrote recently:

“Right now in America, our land is being raped because the super rich that have so much invested in fossil fuel based industry are balls to the wall working to extract every penny they can before that industry is proclaimed obsolete…

All around the world, major counties are switching to renewable energies as their main source of power, while in America we are 150% full force in extracting the fossil fuels and sacrificing the health of this land to feed a dying beast for some dollars….

And what will be the effect caused by all of this?
We’re already seeing it and will continue to see more heavily poisoned air, land, and water… We are preparing and acting right now to leave behind a land that our grandchildren won’t be able to inhabit…

What can we do now to create a different future?”

We could be creating thousands more good jobs while building for a sustainable energy future if we would invest more in renewable energies, at the same time reducing the incredible environmental damage that is pushing us closer to human extinction.  Extractive practices also pollute millions of gallons of water.

And where does that leave us as these dwindling supplies of fossil fuel and clean water run out?

We have to unlearn capitalism.

#waterprotectors #nodapl

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