Wind Threat and Polar Vortex

Yet another consequence of environmental destruction are the extreme wind velocities from shifts in the polar vortex. I think it is important for us to be as informed as possible about climate change if we are to try to address it. Those who don’t want to believe these things are happening delight, for example, in saying that these periods of extreme cold disprove that global warming is occurring.

One aspect of this that concerns me is what this might mean regarding energy generation from wind turbines.  Commercial wind turbines can operate up to a wind speed of about 160 mph.  No one knows how high winds speeds might go as further warming of the earth’s surface occurs.

“In the autumn, the circumpolar winds increase in speed and the polar vortex rises into the stratosphere. The result is the polar air forms a coherent rotating air mass: the polar vortex. As winter approaches, the vortex core cools, the winds decrease, and the vortex energy declines.”  Polar vortex – Wikipedia
“The evidence is clear that the Arctic has been warming faster than the rest of the planet. That warming is reducing the amount of Arctic sea ice, allowing more heat to escape from the ocean. The scientists think that the ocean energy that is being released is causing a weakening of the polar vortex winds over the Arctic, which normally keep cold air centered over the polar region. That weakening is then allowing cold polar air to slip southward more often.” Ice Loss and the Polar Vortex: How a Warming Arctic Fuels Cold Snaps Climate Change 9/18/2017

Think winters are getting colder? Blame Arctic warming and, yes, the polar vortex, Mashable, Sept 22, 2017

New WUWT Polar Vortex Reference Page  Watts Up With That

Wicked-strong storm beats the Netherlands with 90-mph wind gusts, Washington Post, 1/19/2018.

Storm Eleanor: Travel chaos and thousands left without power as UK lashed by 100mph winds   The Telegraph 1/3/2018,29.36,347


Extreme wind speeds over North Sea

Sam Carana’s Facebook post shows additional wind images.

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