We must reconnect with our indigenous roots

As I began to try to express yesterday, we are all Indigenous.

“An incredibly important aspect of life that many people have neglected and even forgotten is our connection with the Earth. This loss of respect and sense of oneness with the Earth and each other is endangering our future. We are literally destroying our own life support systems by our over consumptive lifestyles that are supporting the corporate industries and fueling our climate and environmental crises.

Until we realize that we are one people, we are all connected, and we all depend on each other and the Earth for the survival of humanity, we will continue down this path of separation and disconnect. We must reconnect with our indigenous roots because no matter where we are from, or who we are, we are ALL indigenous to somewhere. ” 

teen climate activist, who appears in the video below.

Published on Sep 5, 2015

We are all Indigenous to this Earth “Indigenous Roots” featuring – Shailene Woodley, Nahko Bear, Peter and Bethany Yarrow, Bibi McGill, Luke Nephew, Lyla June, Black Lives Matter and so many other incredible artists and guest artists!
Produced by Black Sun Cinema at the Unity Concert in the Black Hills of South Dakota


The reason I, and so many others have been so drawn to become engaged with the water protectors and the Native American resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline, is because we have been reminded of how we are all connected to the Earth and each other.  Our very survival depends on how quickly we can change from a consumptive lifestyle, and especially to stop using fossil fuels.

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