Nahko–Prayer is the most G thing you can do homey

Below is a clip from Nahko Bear’s performance at the Black Hills Unity Concert, September, 2017, for the Black Hills, the Earth, and all her peopleHonoring the sacred.

Where my warriors at?

And so I feel like what has been said many times tonight and I appreciate the sentiment that we can say this now in this time and this generation is that prayer is the most G thing you can do homey. And I can say that for my life, in the things that have happened in my life, the anger, for the pain, for the hate, that I’ve carried, that forgiveness, and therefore remembering to pray for those that oppressed us, is the most powerful testament to mankind.


My first exposure to Nahko and Medicine for the People was in Indianapolis this past winter, when I was part of a vigil organized by my friends Joshua Taflinger and Brandi Herron to support the water protectors at Standing Rock, which Nahko has been deeply involved with, outside the theater where Nahko was going to be performing that evening.


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