Application for Spiritual Warriors

Yesterday I wrote about how my spiritual life had been radicalized.  As the examples in that post, of the work at the Kheprw Institute and the global Indigenous peoples response to support the water protectors at Standing Rock show, a spiritual response is how we can create the world we want to see, and address our environmental crisis and current social injustices.

In yesterday’s post I shared a number of queries, including: are we willing to address this (environmental crisis) immediately, and how do we recruit, train, and deploy a nonviolent army of spiritual warriors?

I would like to start to build a band of spiritual warriors.  If you are serious about a spiritual and action commitment to address our environmental crisis, please send me an email message ( with your story about how you feel about this, and what you think we should do now.  Thank you very much.

My friend, Joshua Taflinger, has expressed this very well:

I am inspired to share with you all more directly a post I wrote, because I consider you an established & effective nature/spiritual warrior, and believe that there is a need for the perspectives shared in the attached post to be more common thought in the minds of the many.
If you feel truth from this writing, and are inspired, I highly encourage you to re-write your own version, in your own words/perspectives, and post to your network.
With the intention of helping us all wake up, with awareness, clarity, and direction.
..spreading and weaving reality back into the world….


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2 Responses to Application for Spiritual Warriors

  1. We just built a net zero energy home. No grass to mow as we are planting our yard with wildflowers and clover. Eventually veggies and fruits will be incorporated.

    Vermonters for a Just Peace on Palestine are hosting on July 30, 2017 at 2pm @ the Burlington Vermont Free Public Library the event: Native Voices: A Travelling Encampment. This features a Native American teepee with Lakota (DAPL) and Abenaki reps, plus a Beduoin tent with Palestinian reps. These people will share their stories and interconnectionalities.

    • jakisling says:

      Excellent, Cliff. Are you “applying” to be a spiritual warrior? If you, you would be the first, but most welcome. I don’t know if this will go anywhere but it seemed to me we have to start somewhere. I know others groups are popping up all over, but not sure any have a specifically spiritual focus. A friend really likes the BAND website/app for nonprofits to organize with, and I have set up a group on that if you want me to send you a link to that. Thanks for your response and good work.

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