As the days seem to get darker and darker in so many ways, it is easy to despair, and tempting to give up and retreat into ourselves.

So I wondered about the following, “the Universe is going to help Warriors of the Light and hinder the prejudiced”, and why I think, or at least hope, that to be true.  Most of us were seduced by an economic system based upon materialism, rooted in monetary wealth.  The system was originally designed as a way to make trade easier, by replacing the bartering system.  As long as most people had an adequate source of income to purchase necessities, this worked fairly well.

But some people began to exploit the system for their own profit and greed, which was done by taking money from the rest of us.  A rapid and dramatic economic imbalance occurred, resulting in our current situation where millions of people live in abject poverty, and the rest are struggling economically.    The rich overplayed their hand, and more and more are seeing and reacting to the injustices that have resulted.

Where I find hope is in communities like the Kheprw Institute (KI) that I have been fortunate to be involved with in Indianapolis.  For over a decade they have been slowly building community with almost no money.  They have developed several enterprises such as Express Yourself Rain Barrels, KI NuMedia (Design for Empowerment), KI Aquaponics, and Community Controlled Food Initiative (food coop).  While these do help provide a revenue stream to help survive in our current economic system, every one of these enterprises has a social justice and/or environmental, empowerment and community building purpose.

I think our hope for the future lies with more and more of us creating similar enterprises in our communities.

In a similar manner, the rising power and influence of Indigenous peoples around the world, as highlighted by the global support for the water protectors working to stop the Dakota Access and other pipelines, are other examples of the Universe helping us, and helping “the Earth’s energy” be renewed.

From now on— and for the next few hundred years— the Universe is going to help Warriors of the Light and hinder the prejudiced. The Earth’s energy needs to be renewed. New ideas need space. Body and soul need new challenges. The future has become the present, and every dream— except those dreams that involve preconceived ideas— will have a chance to be heard. Anything of importance will remain. Anything useless will disappear. It is not the Warrior’s responsibility, however, to judge the dreams of others, and he does not waste time criticizing other people’s decisions. In order to have faith in his own path, he does not need to prove that someone else’s path is wrong.

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