Last First Day at North Meadow Friends (for the time being)

Early Friends used to refer to the days of the week by number, Sunday being First day.  Yesterday was the last First day I will be attending North Meadow Circle of Friends Meeting for a while, since I am moving to Iowa at the end of the week.

I really enjoyed being with Friends on Friday and Saturday (Sixth and Seventh Day), as North Meadow Friends participated in the marriage of North Meadow Friends Shannon Effler and Matt Holdzkom, which was officially performed under the care of the meeting.

During and after meeting for worship Sunday, many Friends and friends shared wonderful thoughts, memories and well wishes.  Gilbert used the occasion, which he and I had previously discussed, to try to get more people to participate in the weekly peace vigil (i.e. to fill in for my regular participation in that).


Pat and Jenny had a book for people to write messages in, which I will value forever.  Additionally, Friends from the meeting, and my friends from the Kheprw Institute (KI), who I was so happy could also join us, generously donated money to help me buy a new bicycle, since I have been sharing my plans to use a bicycle as my transportation in Iowa.

Evalyn and JT have offered me a place to stay with them on my visits to Indianapolis, which will be happening.   I will continue to be connected to the Infant Pulmonary Function Laboratory as a consultant, which will involve some visits to the lab to do hands on work.  I am really looking forward to those visits, when I can be with North Meadow Friends, and my friends from KI, and my friends at Riley Hospital for Children again.

Online album of retirement photos from Riley Hospital for Children.

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