#noDAPL as Revolutionary Act

I’ve written a lot about how working with others who love the Earth, and especially Native Americans this past year related to the Dakota Access Pipeline resistance has profoundly deepened and broadened my spiritual life.

As I begin to try to wrap my mind around Chris Moore-Backman’s concept of the Last Revolutionary Act being to turn off the lights, I realize how this is related to #noDAPL and Native lifestyles.  Native Americans never turned the lights on in the first place.

In a similar manner, the Kheprw Institute (KI) also embodies this concept, as they have built vibrant community with no capitalistic resources.


This is also related to the Quaker testimonies related to simplicity in our lives.

Personal Responsibility

Advice and Queries from Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative)

Honesty and simplicity are essential parts of personal responsibility. We manifest our commitment to Truth in all we do. We can have joy and beauty in our lives without allowing material things to dominate them. We need to free ourselves from distractions that interfere with our search for inner peace, and accept with thanksgiving all that promotes fullness and aids in service to the divine Center.

  • How do we center our lives in the awareness of God the’ Spirit, so that all things may take their rightful places? 
  • How do we structure our individual lives in order to keep them uncluttered with things and activities? How does Meeting help us examine our personal lives for simplicity?
  • How do we ensure that we act with fairness and integrity?



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