Last Revolutionary Act

Although living without a car has involved fundamental lifestyle changes, and daily (what many would consider) inconveniences, I’ve always been aware that wasn’t nearly enough.  Those living in the United States consume energy and materials at a rate many times greater that can be sustained or justified.

We have to go much deeper and further.  The following from The Gandhian Iceberg states it clearly:

The last true revolutionary act left to human beings in the twenty-first century is to turn out the lights.  Other acts are possible—acts we may call revolutionary—but they do not meet the criteria of the word as it must necessarily be interpreted today.  Nothing short of turning out the lights will lead to an overturning of the endgame global system that now has us in its thrall…
Turn out the lights—and leave them off—and we will experience a consciousness our minds have never known but our bodies still remember.  Leave them on, and it scarcely matters what else we do or leave undone.  We will not significantly alter our path through time.  Nor will we alter the path of our species, which has taken a collective detour leading nowhere but oblivion and extinction.  We persist perpetually in making all of this seem more complicated than it is…
Let there be darkness
Chris Moore-Backman
The Gandhian Iceberg
A Nonviolence Manifesto for the Age of the Great Turning
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