Our Values Will Determine the Future

This is a continuation of the discussion of the blog post:  Prophecies, unprecedented change and the emergence of a new global civilization.

A number of significant changes in many aspects of the status quo are occurring, and more are coming soon.  We need to figure out how to deal with the collapse of social, economic, and political systems, and respond to increasingly violent weather events.  We would do well to identify the underlying causes of these problems.

Materialism is one of the root causes.  The pursuit of materialism resulted in lack of attention to the spiritual aspects of our lives.  As Martin Luther King has said, the three major issues of our time are materialism, militarism, and racism.  Materialism has stimulated massively wasteful consumerism.  Materialism is what drives militarism.

Our environmental disaster is the result of rapacious resource extraction and utilization needed for material production, for our personal automobiles, and to heat and cool large, single family houses.

It has always been the case that cutting back on our own consumption is the most efficient way to decrease greenhouse gas emissions and help address other environmental issues.  And yet, this has not happened.  Any realistic vision of the future requires turning away from materialism, and returning to an emphasis on protecting the Earth.

The future will be determined by our values.  How do we live more consistently with our values?  How do we encourage others to examine their own values?  As quoted below, “walking a prayerful, peaceful, spiritual path is the only way forward.”

“The direction and harmony of these global changes depend on upon the values that are inspiring the change. When these values are life- preserving and life-enhancing, we will move forward to a new, just global civilization. If these values continue to be about short-term, materialistic gains solely, we will continue to experience a deepening cycle of death and destruction.

It is becoming clearer and clearer, with every passing day, that walking a prayerful, peaceful spiritual path is the only way forward to a just, sustainable, and harmonious world.”
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