To do, or not to do?…that is the question

The global nature of so many problems is becoming increasingly clear.  Environmental degradation and changing weather patterns don’t respect national boundaries.  Food and water security are global issues.  We need to change our approaches to be global in scope.

As we move into a strange, new future, we will each have a choice.  Will we be engaged in building the future, or will we cling to the old ways as long as we can?  Because our current ways are undergoing fundamental change, one would hope that the choice would be to engage in building a better future.

So many people seem to fear change, and these choices are not based upon logic.  But they can be informed by faith.  Aren’t we called in these times to help others see how faith can help us navigate the way forward?  To do so requires two things from us.  One is to connect with our neighbors, and to listen closely to what they say.  Secondly, when the time is right, it will be our stories that might influence others.  One resource for this is our collection of Quaker Stories here (Note: continuously looking for stories to add).

As we consider the start of a new year, one resolution might be to engage others in conversations about faith and the future.  We need as many people as possible to be engaged.

To do, or not to do…  Quakers need to get back to the public square.


From Prophecies, unprecedented change, and the emergence of a new global civilization:

“There is, however, from our perspective, a paralysis of will to make the enviable decisions and changes needed to move forward positively and constructively. This paralysis of will must be examined, in detail, and dealt with resolutely if we are to stop our downward, global spiral collectively.
This gridlock is rooted in a deep-seated conviction of the inevitable adversarial nature of humankind. This gridlock supports the reluctance to entertain the possibility of subordinating national and personal self-interest to the needed requirements of concerted global actions and solutions, of any form. Especially, an unwillingness to face, courageously, the far-reaching implications of establishing a New Global Civilization.”
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