Trevor Noah on DAPL

So often humor is an extremely effective way to get people to listen about a subject they wouldn’t commonly pay attention to, and explain it in such a way that they will quickly but clearly understand.  A brief video clip like the one below can accomplish that within the short attention span so many have today.

The reason for posting this is to suggest that YOU might use this as a way to get people you wish would understand this, to actually listen.  Share the link to this video (below) as widely as you can.

Trevor Noah does an excellent job of discussing the history of U.S. treatment of indigenous people, and the environmental racism of moving the pipeline away from Bismarck, to the Standing Rock Reservation instead.  And destroys the propaganda that pipelines are safe.

But the truly brilliant part was stating the fundamental reason this situation even exists:

“And because we love fossil fuels, the fact is the pipe has to go somewhere. What are we going to do? Just not use oil? Come on, that’s just … possible.”  Trevor Norah, The Daily Show.

Fossil fuel addicts, including anyone who drives a car, are the reason this pipeline is being built in the first place.

He ends with this, implying what a just solution might look like:

“Look, America has spent centuries moving native people’s from place to place. Maybe just this one time you can be the ones who move.”


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