Experiencing Prejudice

I had always strongly felt that prejudice of any kind was unacceptable while at the same time realizing we all tend to make certain presumptions, often unconsciously.  For example, seeing an obese person I might assume they have bad eating habits and don’t exercise, when, instead, they may have a medical condition that makes weight control difficult.

But there isn’t any similar situation related to prejudice based upon skin color.  Intellectually I have always known that was wrong, and am upset when I hear about that occurring.   Spending time with the KI (Kheprw Institute) community has sensitized me to how very much more frequent and insidious and damaging that is than I had been aware of.

But, like many things in life, you don’t really understand this until you experience it yourself.  I am glad Black friends of mine have openly stated that their automatic initial response is to not trust a White person, not that I didn’t know that, anyway.

This has been greatly exacerbated by the recent election process and result.  I have heard a number of Black people I have come to know and like very much say that every time they see a White person, they wonder if they voted for Trump.  And I have to admit, I wonder the same thing myself, since such a surprisingly large number of people must have done so, which means people I wouldn’t have expected to, did so.  This is perhaps the most damaging result of a campaign that openly denigrated so many “others” in so many ways.

Now I actually know how it feels to be prejudiced against based solely on my skin color.



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