No War! No Warming!

I’ll be interested to learn more about the agreement reached at the Paris Climate talks (COP21).  Several friends were able to attend.  It appears that the temperature change target limit was increased, and that the agreements to reduce emissions are voluntary, neither of which are welcome news.

In any case, it is increasingly urgent that we are significantly more aggressive in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving our energy conservation efforts.  It is also increasingly urgent that we address the injustices of our current fossil fuel based economies, which among other things feed the immoral imbalance of the distribution of wealth and resources.  Which has led to militarized police abuse to protect that wealth.  Which has led to millions of children and adults living in poverty and without adequate food, shelter, clothing, education and health care.  This has led to an extreme and divisive political environment promoting fear and marginalizing others, to protect the wealthy and privileged.  Which has led our leaders to betray our ideals before the entire world.

It is a colossal failure of government when social safety nets, already a small fraction of the military budget, face continued cuts, while military spending continues to expand.  

Key to this will be addressing the resources and mission of nations’ militaries, and their military-industrial complexes.  One of the reasons the United States is the world’s second leading polluter is because of our huge military and its operations.  This animated website  and this Facebook page express the idea of No War! No Warming!

It is time for the peace movement to change the conversation about the military.   What we really need are to (1) stop wasting money on weapons, (2) invest the money in public works,  and (3) change the mission of the military to help us all respond to climate change and the disasters that are coming as a result.  We need to develop military-style specialists and units to protect and enhance the quality of our water, land and air, to facilitate research into environmentally friendly modes of transportation, buildings, and energy production and distribution.  The focus needs to change to a nonviolent National Guard-type of domestic operations model.


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