For some time, and for several reasons, I’ve been thinking about finding a smaller place to live in, and reduce my material possessions.

One of the main reasons is to reduce my carbon footprint.  At the Indiana Moral Mondays meeting this morning, I was talking with John Gibson of Sustainable Indiana 2016, and he told me 450 square feet of living space is considered carbon neutral for one person.  450 sq ft is the size of the efficiency apartment I just moved into.  I’ve worked to reduce my transportation carbon footprint by not owning a car, and now this move will help reduce my housing carbon footprint.

I also wanted to be more agile, since I am at retirement age.  I wanted to be more able to move easily to other places in order to participate in new experiences when I retire.  Although recently we received a significant new grant from the NIH (National Institutes of Health) to do a study involving the Departments of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Neonatology, and Pediatric Pulmonology here at Indiana University Medical Center.  This study will follow the course of babies born to mothers with preeclampsia to try to evaluate how that vascular disease affects lung development.  This is personally interesting because Mom had preeclampsia which developed into full blown toxemia with my birth.  Thus it would be preferable for all of us involved to remain at the University for the next several years.

I owe a BIG THANKS to my godson Shawn for spending a lot of time and effort helping me move.  (some of you may not know that my other godson Brandon moved to Florida recently).

Here are some photos (of course) of the new place.



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  1. Eric Hailperin-Lausch says:

    Looks tidy clean and green.

  2. jakisling says:

    Tidy probably won’t last long 🙂

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