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Poor Peoples Campaign in Iowa and Minnesota-Economic Injustice

Week 5 of the Poor Peoples Campaign focused on economic injustice. The unbelievable maldistribution of wealth. Millions of people who live in poverty despite working full time. Children going to bed hungry. The mischaracterization that people are poor because they … Continue reading

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Guaranteed Jobs

I have written a lot about economic injustice in our society. At this point we basically have virtual economic concentration camps, where many who would like to work cannot find jobs. Many of the jobs that are available pay poverty … Continue reading

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Social and Economic Justice

I’ve mentioned the Quaker practice of routinely considering questions related to our spiritual and social lives and practices.  Praying about and discussing these questions, or queries, together is a way for us to share what we believe, and sometimes find … Continue reading

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Who is Deserving?

Thinking more about our unjust economic system, I was further discouraged to read Sheila Kennedy’s post today,  What Swamp is Being Drained? She points out that the Administration is saying there are people who don’t “deserve” the programs and benefits … Continue reading

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Meaningful Work

We need to find ways to address the accelerating loss of traditional, paying jobs. At his Harvard University commencement speech, Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg, said “Our generation will have to deal with tens of millions of jobs replaced by … Continue reading

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Solar Power is a Moral Issue

This is the work of the Indiana Moral Mondays Environmental Justice group: Solar power is a moral issue posted by Frank Rosenthal March 10, 2015 In keeping with its values of social and economic justice and the use of resources … Continue reading

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