NoDAPL in Iowa Since 2014

Last night Great Plains Action Society livestreamed a remarkable event. The videos highlight the history of the work of so many in Iowa to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). The first video, NoDAPL Iowa – Since 2014 is the livestream from last night. The second video shows some of the many actions that occurred to protect water.

Many of those interviewed spoke about the community that has been built over these years of work together. I am blessed that most of these people have become friends of mine since I returned to Iowa in 2017. In Indiana we developed a similar community as we worked to stop the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines. That work began in 2013. Building an environmental action movement

It’s been almost seven years since folks started resisting the Dakota Access Pipeline in Iowa. With a new colonial presidential power in place, it’s time to rehash this climate atrocity with a few of the pipeline fighters from across the state who went hard to hard to stop it. We can’t let DAPL win or continue to push their toxic capitalist agenda as they are now trying to double the flow through the pipe.

Let’s stand in solidarity with the Standing Rock Nation and the youth runners who are also still fighting.

We are honored to speak with Wally Taylor, Ronnie James, Carolyn Raffensperger, Donnielle Wanatee, Mark Edwards, Trisha Etringer, Faith Spotted Eagle, Alex Cohen, Josephine Ironshield, Mahmud Fitil, Miriam Kashia, Adam Mason, Ahna Kruzic, Keith Puntenney, Sarah Young Bear-Brown and Keely Driscoll. Hosted by Sikowis.

This for all those that stood against the state and colonial-capitalism in Iowa over the past 7 years. I love you all and have a deep respect for all that has been done in the land of the Ioway, Dakota, Meskwaki, Omaha, Winnebago, Kickapoo and so many more. We live on the land between the Great Missouri and the Mighty Mississippi and it deserves our respect and protection. Sikowis

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