Standing Rock Youth Council to Washington, DC to #ShutdownDAPL and #StopLine3

Indigenous youth are on the way to Washington, DC, to #ShutdownDAPL and #StopLine3. In a photo below are three of my friends, Mahmud Fitil, Trisha CaxSep GuWiga Etringer, and Donnielle Wanatee, who walked on the First Nation-Farmer Climate Unity March with me, Peter Clay and others in 2018. We walked and camped along the route of the Dakota Access pipeline in central Iowa.
First Nation-Farmer Unity – First Nation peoples and farmers working together


Standing Rock Youth Council

Frontline Indigenous youth and organizers from the communities impacted by the Dakota Access and Line 3 pipelines are bringing back the fossil fuel snake to D.C. on April 1st.

Indigenous communities will no longer be silenced. Consultation is NOT consent. Indigenous nations have been clear, they did not consent to these fossil fuel projects to snake through their communities.

The Biden administration must respect the Free, Informed and Prior consent of tribal nations and communities. He must strengthen tribal nations by respecting the treaties– that includes moving to #ShutdownDAPL and #StopLine3.

For too long Indigenous communities have carried the weight of our addiction to oil & gas despite their objections.


  1. Tune to watch the day of action at ReZpect Our Water
    ReZpect Our Water | Facebook
  2. Join us on April 1st for Twitter storm demanding Biden #ShutDownDAPL and #StopLine3.
  3. You can also call into the White House in support.
    Dial 888-724-8946 to connect to the White House switchboard or the Public Liaison Office. Here’s a sample script:
    “My name is , I live in _. Since the public comment line is closed, I’m calling to urge President Biden to revoke permits for oil and gas pipelines like Dakota Access and Line 3, and stop approving all new fossil fuel projects. If the President is serious about addressing the climate crisis, he must keep fossil fuels in the ground and invest in the communities that have borne the brunt of pollution and climate disaster.”
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Last night and earlier this morning, we had the honor of being with the Standing Rock Sioux, Cheyenne River Sioux, and Meskwaki youth. Maya Runnels and Kayla Peltier from the Standing Rock Youth Council joined alongside our youth intern Keely Driscoll were interview by Yolanda Pushtonequa for a #clubhouse conversation last night.

They left this morning from #meskwaki homeland to travel/run over 900 miles to Washington to tell @PresidentJoeBiden to #shutdownDAPL and #stopline3

Biden has stated in his Tribal Nation Plan that he wants to promote a cleaner future by addressing the climate crisis and #buildingbackbetter solutions in regards to the crisis. In doing so, the youth are urging the #BidenHarris administration to stop fossil fuel extraction projects that endanger the ecosystems and livelihoods of First Nations.

The @CRGrassrootsCollective is currently in Minnesota helping with actions as well.
We are excited that two of our team members, Donnielle Wanatee (Meskwaki) and Keely Driscoll (Meskwaki/Winnebago), are joining in to help represent Iowa.

Please join into all social media platforms aforementioned for livestreams and updates.
Please follow and share @StandingRockYouthCouncil and @CRGrassrootsCollective


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Mahmud Fitil, Trisha CaxSep GuWiga Etringer, Donnielle Wanatee and Keely Elizabeth Driscoll

#ShutdownDAPL #StopLine3 Day of Action! 441 G St. NW, Washington, DC 20314

May be an image of text that says 'DOWNTOWN MFragutNoth SQUARE SURS TVERNON TRIANGLE Metro Pi-ChinatownM ACOE Judiciary TRIANGLE FEDERAL Page 2- Add page title AGENDA THURSDAY, APRIL 01 P 1pm- Closing program at Black LINE AOLLE 9am-G Gather at NMAI Plaza 10am Youth runners depart ΝΜΑΙ plaza, run to ACOE 11am- Rally 12pm Petition Delivery at ACOE AP and March departs to White House Lives Matter Plaza EnfantPlazeM 2pm- Close ROUTE COLLECTIVE, STANDING ROCK YOUTH COUNCIL CHEYENNE GRASSROOTS COLLECTIVE, INDIGENOUS ENVIRONMENTAL NETWORK, HONOR EARTH, LAKE TREATY CAMP, MANOOMIN GENAWENDANG ENDAZHIGABESHING, CAMP MIGIZI, SEEDING SOVEREIGNTY ConstitutionAve 5'
THURSDAY AT 10 AM CDT, FRONTLINES TO DC, #ShutdownDAPL #StopLine3 Day of Action! 441 G St. NW, Washington, DC 20314
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