Honoring the Equinox

Today is the Equinox.

Yesterday the Pachamama Alliance held a Zoom meeting, Honoring the Equinox with Arkan Lushwala, a Peruvian ceremonialist and healer. Nearly 500 people from around the world attended.

The equinox is a time of transition, both of the seasons and of our internal journey, moving towards rebirth in the Northern Hemisphere and harvest in the Southern Hemisphere. Day and night are in equal balance, reminding us to seek balance in our own lives. Society is immersed in transition at this time as well, as the systems of modernity are increasingly out of balance.

Pachamama Alliance

Arkan said the Equinox will be much more powerful this year, because of the great imbalance of the prevailing human culture. A culture that has become too materialistic, which means there is a great disconnect from the universe, from the earth.

We must be prepared to receive the gifts from this especially powerful Equinox. If we are not prepared, we can be harmed.

When we receive this gift today, we must open the gift. What good is a gift if it is not opened? The power carries light. A more gentle gift.

How do we prepare ourselves to open these gifts?

  • Most important is to STOP our normal routines. We must keep opening the gifts we receive. This process interrupts our normal routines.
  • We should experience excitement in receiving these gifts. Practice stop doing what we routinely do. As a gift is open, another gift appears. Keep opening the gifts.

Consciously breathe air and light. We forgot how important it is to receive light.

Arkan said, in a humble way he goes for a walk to be with the people of nature. The animals and plants There we find the expert friends in the natural and spiritual world.

In the heart of all of us we can do ceremonies. Most important is to breathe the light. When we breathe deeply we pull in the light around us. The light enters us. The more light we take in, the more centered we become.

When you want to help someone around you, breathe in the light, then breathe it out toward the other. It is as you are taking in medicine. And feeling really, really good being centered. Nothing feels better. When we are deeply centered, we are in the kingdom of God.

When you have a gift, you can share it.  Haywaricuy  means to hand someone something with tenderness. This is reciprocity. Nourishing the relationship. Which is how we build sacred, spiritual culture.

Arkan said he doesn’t remember never being connected to the natural connection to the spirit. We should teach children to retain connection with the spirit.

It is not what can I do? But how can I be? Be in a state of being. Too often we are in the what. That keeps us from getting to the state of being. Stop asking and just be.

Develop a state of being.

It is not what can I do? But how can I be? Be in a state of being.

Too often we are in the what. That keeps us from getting to the state of being.

Stop asking and just be.

Intention is very powerful. Have intention for the Equinox.

This Morning of the Equinox

Last night I had the intention to receive the gifts of the Equinox. This morning I have been receiving the gifts of the spirit and the light. I feel the gift Arkan shared with me yesterday. Haywaricuy  Nourishing the relationship.

I breathed in the light, and breathed it out. I opened the gifts. On the way to be with my friends as we worked on Mutual Aid, I stopped along the way several times to witness the light in photos (below).

As we worked together to fill the boxes of food we prepared as gifts to those who came, I breathed in the light, then breathed it out to my friends.

My friend Ronnie at Mutual Aid asked me how the presentation by Arkan, Honoring the Equinox, went. I shared the light and gifts with him. Today his son joined us and I could see Ronnie was teaching his son to retain connection with the spirit. Several other native friends shared the light with me.

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