Lobster Fishery and RCMP Inaction

Tensions have been escalating for some time, between fishing rights of the Sipek’nekatik people and commercial fishermen. On October 16, 2020. one Mi’kmaw lobster fishing compound burnt to the ground. Now there are questions concerning the lack of action by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police who have been present during clashes between the two groups.

The chief of the Sipekne’katik First Nation estimates anywhere between 150 and 200 lobster traps were lost on Friday as non-Indigenous commercial fishers cut lines and destroyed buoys.

Chief Michael Sack told media that he received a number of calls on Friday morning that fishing gear belonging to members of the self-regulated Indigenous “moderate livelihood” fishery was about to be removed.

Sipek’nekatik lobster traps sabotaged as week of violence, anger ends By Alexander Quon, Global News, Posted October 16, 2020
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