Radicalize the Vote!

Seeding Sovereignty has been working on getting out the vote in Indian Country. One of the programs is SHIFT the Narrative, a live, online interview series that covers different aspects of Indigenous political engagement and current issues in Indian Country through interviews with expert guest speakers. More information about that, including links to past interviews, can be found at: https://seedingsovereignty.org/shift-the-narrative

Another Seeding Sovereignty project is Radicalize the Vote. Radicalize The Vote is an effort to encourage and inspire Indigenous folx to register to vote by hosting a 12 hour telethon that is Indigenous led and centred.

Both Indigenous and non-Indigenous folks can register at Radicalize the Vote!

Dear Changemaker,

Seeding Sovereignty has created a national coalition effort to get out the vote in Indian Country in record numbers during COVID-19. Radicalize the Vote brings the power of the frontlines to the polls where Indigenous Peoples have long stood to protect their lands, their bodies, and their sovereignty.

At the center of this campaign is radicalizethevote.org where we are building a centralized Indigenous-led voter registration list.

Both Indigenous and non-Indigenous folks can register at Radicalize the Vote!


We have organized a 12-hour online Indigenous Radical Registration Telethon scheduled for August 29th (9am PT, 11am CT, 12 ET) at radicalizethevote.org with an amazing line-up of Indigenous leaders, artists, and culture bearers who will virtually attend the event to speak, sing and dance.

Please join us this Saturday, August 29th, at radicalizethevote.org

Radicalize the Vote will make historic change and we invite all Indigenous and ally friends to help with this effort. Beyond getting out the vote in record numbers in 2020, Indigenous voter turnout has the potential to increase political engagement in the country for years to come.  

If you are interested in volunteering, supporting or have questions, please contact shift@seedingsovereignty.org.
Ay Hai Kitatamihin / Iheedń / Mvto / Kinanâskomitin / Thank You,  
The Seeding Sovereignty Collective


#RadicalizeTheVote #RadicalRegistrationTelethon #NativeVote #NativeVote2020

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