Josiah Helland plays the flute

I have met Josiah Helland on a few occasions in Indianapolis. One was at the wedding of our mutual friends Brandi Herron and Joshua Taflinger. I had recently retired, but I rode the bus from Iowa so I could attend the ceremonies.

I just listened to a video of Josiah performing a couple of days ago. It is so awesome.

“Cortez the killer” Its like I’ve been waiting my whole life to play flute to this song. Thanks 3:1 for the opportunity.

Josiah Helland
Josiah Helland

Brandi Herron and Joshua Taflinger’s wedding, 8/26/2017, Indianapolis. Among these photos of the wedding, you’ll see one where every person was touching another, so we were all connected with every other person and prayers were then said.

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