Lessons from Digital Smoke Signals

Myron Dewey of Digital Smoke Signals offers excellent advice regarding using social media on the front lines. He shares his experience from Standing Rock. Offers support for those on the streets and using social media related to the uprisings resulting from the killing of George Floyd.

He says some of tribal leaders are afraid of making the White man mad. The last time the authorities came to his land, they shot an killed his cousin.

Escalation at Standing Rock. As soon as Tiger Swan came, things changed. The frequency that was coming into Standing Rock, the spiritual power, made it easy to identify infiltrators.

In the Black Live Matters today you will also have infiltrators, who incite violence. Things are being set on fire.

If it feels like the peak of escalation now, it’s not. The president does not have the tools to deal with this because of his ego. The White Supremacists have already infiltrated the movement.

What you will see as more infiltrators arrive is they will gradual move to the front, pushing the peaceful protesters further and further away. They will remove their names from their uniforms.

When he was crossing the border from Mexico I was detained and questioned for nine hours in El Paso. They lied, brought other interrogators in. They kept his phone. So there was no accountability for them.

There was a woman who wanted to show solidarity, to help but she was bound by her, position and afraid.

This is what will happen to you if they have the time. They will abuse their position and abuse the Western courts.

Standing Rock was very unique because they could highlight what was wrong. The violated the treaty at Standing Rock. They violated the sacred burial sites. This culture has no honor in their forefather’s promises.

Then if we go into court, go in for protecting the water, then it is the Western law. They don’t protect the water, they don’t protect the sacred, the earth in that court. As he walked into the court he knew he would get no justice because the judge and jury were no native. His lawyer was non native. His charge there was documenting the hired Dakota Access mercenaries, Tiger Swan. His charge was stalking infiltrators.

They will come after you. They will surge, chase you, and you will have to run. You have to be creative in the way you document them,

They will take your camera, take the SD card, take and damage or lose your phone. And don’t think if your phone is locked that it is safe. They have a “gray key” to get authentication keys.

They also have Sting Ray technology. You may see a van or look above at the towers. The technology downloads your phone texts.

There is law that looks like it will pass in the Senate to allow the capture of your geolocation for contact tracing related to COVID, but will also be used to track you.

Have a phone number written on your arm to call a contact so you can get representation if you are detained. They will take you to jails hundreds of miles away, you won’t know where you are. They do these things to wear you down.

We had world support, helping the people on the ground. They are going to be protected when they do harm, like the officer who did harm to Floyd.

You have to be mindful of where you are, of your surroundings. Don’t let you ego get ahead of your smarts. You’re there to document the injustice, but also the beauty.

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