Believe in my prayers

This has been a week of uprising against failed political and economic systems. Against systemic racism.

For years I have been led to spend time learning from black and native people who have become my dear friends.

My spiritual life has grown in new and profound ways as a result.

I continue to believe, and have witnessed, that sharing our stories with each other is how change happens. That often takes a lot of time. And requires us to be vulnerable, because that is the only way we can expose our heart to others. As we see their heart as they share their vulnerability.

I understand the frustration of those who say we don’t need thoughts and prayers. A friend mentioned that calls for peace are often taken to mean return to normal. Calls for thoughts and prayers might be interpreted the same way. I have been working for, writing, and talking about our failed political and economic systems and racism for years. I definitely do not want a return to normal.

Listening to a discussion among indigenous women recently I heard “I believe in my prayers.”

I realize there have been times when I did not believe in my prayers. I’m paying attention to that now. Working on believing my prayers for the creation of Beloved communities, out of the current chaos, will help bring that about.

My friend Imhotep Adisa, of the Kheprw Institute in Indianapolis recently said:

“First and foremost, all of us, every last one of us, must engage others in our work, home and play spaces to have honest, open and authentic conversations around the issue of inequity. Some of us, particularly those in positions of power, must have the courage and strength to look more deeply at the inequitable structures that exist within their own organizations and institutions.”

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