Wet’suwet’en Solidarity Week of Action

As Coastal Gas Link continues to work without consent, and bring in workers from around the country to vulnerable Northern communities we need to keep up the pressure to get CGL and RCMP off the Yintah!

Shout out to @AbolishIceSF on instagram for putting together a week of actions we can all take! 

Yesterday’s action is to call and email Elizabeth Seeger at KKR to demand that KKR not finance Coastal Gaslink. Details and call script below!


“Indigenous Women on the Frontlines: COVID 19 and Fossil Fuel Resistance” 

Join in for this webinar today at 1 PM Pacific time to here from Land defenders across turtle Island including Freda Huson. 

Register and share here

See event Facebook page for more information: https://www.facebook.com/events/2366416060315756/

Call and Email Elizabeth Seeger, a director within KKR whose job responsibility is to “consider the environmental and social” impacts of their work! 

Elizabeth Seeger: (650) 233-6560 Extension 733-2

Sample Script:

“Hello, I am calling out of concern for the Wet’suwet’en Nation. Your company is currently in the process of financing the Coastal GasLink Pipeline, a project slated to be built on their unceded land. As someone within KKR responsible for “sustainable” investing and environmental concerns, I urge you to stand against funding Coastal GasLink, and to demand that KKR withdraw all financial support for it. This project will and has caused immeasurable damage to the Wet’suwet’en, and I am demanding KKR to withdraw now.”
Wet’suwet’en solidarity in Des Moines, Iowa

Follow @AbolishIceSF on Instagram for updates or to share actions!

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