COVID-19 and Wet'suwet'en

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This is the perfect time to enact the reprieve we have received on pollution and climate destruction. There is Beautiful evidence of a fossil free world exemplified in China who could finally see blue sky or the canals in Venice experiencing clearer water and the return of fish. Miracles. That COVID 19
Has given us…if we are wise enough to recognize it. This. This is how we transition to a greener future without polluting devices.

Take your time during social distancing and reflect on this. Think deep about your priorities and the future that will come for your kids you do not embrace this opportunity and time to “figure it out”

Laurie Johansen
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Sovereign Likhts’amisyu March 18 at 11:19 PM

March 18 2020
While in the interest of public safety, individuals are prohibited from gathering in groups or in close proximity, the Coastal Gas Link man-camps that are on our unceded sovereign territory seem to exist outside of this massive Pandemic-panic.
RCMP and CGL workers continue to violate Wet’suwet’en law pushing their way through the territory while harassing land defenders. This violation of respect comes while the two governments have tried to enter into some sort of “Memorandum of Understanding”.
We are looking for donations –
A big thank you to everyone who has supported the Wet’suwet’en either physically, financially or in your acts of solidarity.

To donate:

Na'Moks Wet'suwet'en
Hereditary chief Na’Moks is seen leaving the Wet’suwet’en offices in Smithers, B.C., Thursday, February 27, 2020. Na’Moks along with other hereditary chiefs met with Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relation, Carolyn Bennet along with Provincial Ministers to discuss the ending blockades happening across the country. The blockades are set up by those opposed to the LNG pipeline in northern British Columbia. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jonathan Hayward

A Wet’suwet’en hereditary chief says all meetings and discussions about a draft deal that centres on Indigenous rights and land titles have been postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Hereditary Chief Na’moks says it is a precaution to ensure the safety and health of their elders.
He says they have no set date for continuation of the discussions.

Wet’suwet’en hereditary chief in self-isolation says meetings have been postponed. VANCOUVER ISLAND | News The Canadian Press Staff, Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Kaley M. Reuben uploaded a file.

March 20/2020

Effective immediately:

We, the Haudenosaunee of the Grand River, continue to stand strong in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en to protect their unceded land from colonial invasion. As a united collective and as a sign of good faith, we have agreed to remove the barricades on the bypass and relocate to Kahnonstaton – the protected place.

We are committed to protecting our lands, water and resources from the ongoing extraction by industries and the canadian government. Despite the dispossession from our lands, the Haudenosaunee will remain at Kahnonstaton. With this action, we are not ending our solidarity with Wet’suwet’en, as we are still ready to act with our brothers and sisters across the territories.

We would like to thank the countless community members and allies that supported us and continue to stand with us. Many thanks to the local businesses of Six Nations and Caledonia that provided meals and services during the highway six bypass solidarity action.

In peace and solidarity,
Haudenosaunee of the Grand River

Native American Women Warriors will be dancing Saturday March 21st from wherever they are at. The time is 1200 PST, so depending on the time zone is when each one participating will dance.

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Crystal Scrimmshaw
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**New Musicians Announced!

Elijah Ray
Das Record
Mikey Pauker
Shantala, The Music of Heather and Benjy Wertheimer
Andrew Love (Tubby Love)

We’re going to be on a 4 hour livestream of LOVE, from guided meditations, wisdom from elders, prayers from our heart-leader musicians and more!

Also we have just announced these leaders who will be sharing:

Raamayan Ananda
Randy Jones
Satyen Raja

We are in times of intense crisis. Fear is rippling across the planet and it is in these times where we need to come together and unify.

We are all unified through water. The rivers and the streams are our veins and arteries; our health and water’s health are one. By healing the waters in our bodies through positive prayers, intentions and commitments to care for others, we begin to heal the water in all bodies.

This year, UNIFY is hosting a Global Synchronized Meditation, Prayer and Action on March 22nd.

MEDITATION: To counteract the fear being spread around the world regarding everything from climate to oceans to viruses, it is time for us to UNITE in the frequency of LOVE and GRATITUDE.

PRAYER: As we usher in a global unified prayer for water, we recognize that what we call “water” is truly the divine operating system that builds all forms of life.

ACTION: We also take direct action to support all waterborne causes – from those who desperately need freshwater to the WHO’s Covid-19 relief!

MUSIC: Is the unifying force.. we bring together heart-led musicians to share their dharma and message and soothe our souls.

JOIN US: Join us on March 22nd at 11am PST on our Unify Livestream for the Global Meditation led by Raamayan Ananda followed by a whole schedule of beauty below.

You can by donating to the UNIFY Water Campaign, which supports charities such as CAWST and Charity Water, providing filtration and water education to vulnerable communities.

We have the ability, for the price of an almond milk latte, to give someone fresh water FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES. Literally, you can save a life for the cost of a coffee.

Will you pray with us, and give a small amount to save a life? Please meditate, pray and take direct action with us this World Water Day. Link to give:

Share this widely

Ahousaht, BC —  In the darkness of all the ever-updating COVID-19 news comes a ray of brightness from community banding together to take care of one another.

For more than a week grocery shelves have been stripped of staples like toilet paper, disinfectant cleaner, flour, rice, pasta, canned goods and meat. More and more, people are heeding the warning to limit travel and not congregate in crowded places. People in isolated villages like Ahousaht wonder if it’s worth the expensive trip to Tofino or beyond to search for essentials.

And then there’s people like Luke Swan Jr. and Tom Campbell, who put out a call for anyone wishing to volunteer to fish for the community.

“We do this all the time, even without COVID-19 we still go fishing,” said Tom Campbell, adding that the weather is nice so it is a good time to fish. “I been doing this for years, basically all my life, sharing with community.”

Luke Swan Jr., Ahousaht fisheries manager, concurred.

“Just now it needs to be done more than ever, for ones who can’t get out (fishing),” he said.

And so, a few boats with about 15 volunteers left the village for a day of fishing. They loaded up with cod and red snapper. Along the way some sea urchins and crab were harvested.

Campbell says they stopped in at Hot Springs Cove to drop off about 30 pieces of fish for the Hesquiaht people before making their way home to Ahousaht.

He went on to say that he was raised on these teachings, of taking care of others and has lived by these values all his life.

“I remember doing these kinds of trips with my late uncles and other relatives; my friend Rocky and others who [are] not so fortunate anymore,” Campbell said.

Ahousaht turns to the ocean to support its people during COVID-19 pandemic
by Denise Titian, Ha-Shilth-Sa, March 18, 2020

No photo description available.

Johnny Moore
We Support the Unist’ot’en and the Wet’suwet’en Grassroots Movement
22 hrs ·  
Wet’suwet’en “STRONGHOLD”
We must keep bringing the awareness that we are still against and stopping CGL and other Govt and Corporate transgressions and broken Treaties with First Nations in Canada. We acknowledge our sisters and brothers that are Still Standing in defence Indigenous Nations and our StewardShip of all Environments Globally 🙏🏼
Friday, March 20, 2020
Etienne Brulé ParkToronto, Ontario, KKKanata

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