Solidarity in a pandemic. Digital week of action.

Solidarity in a pandemic

We see you out you there participating in mutual aid and keeping your communities, your Elders and your immunocompromised loved ones fed and safe. We know that we cannot rely on the state to keep us safe. We know the roots of the crisis lie in colonialism, displacement, and exploitation; a lack of housing and resource distribution. Our solidarity in this moment, our fight for our most vulnerable and targeted members is an extension of the struggle for Indigenous Sovereignty.

With mass gatherings being shut down to keep people safe during this viral outbreak we need to adjust our tactics, but we are not backing down! The demands of the hereditary chiefs for CGL and RCMP to leave the territory remain in place and we need to keep up the pressure in ways that are creative and appropriate. 

A week of online action is being organized with daily actions to keep up the pressure that we will share here as daily actions are announced!

Today’s action is to make calls, emails, and tweets to support the demand that Mike Farnsworth resign due to his organizing of the raid on Wet’suwet’en territory (phone numbers below).

You can also follow @Gidimten_Checkpoint on instagram for live updates. 

There are many ways to take action that keep the pressure on and keep our friends and neighbors safe:

-Pressuring officials with phone calls, emails, letters and social media posts

-Postering and wheat pasting to get information in public spaces

-Using this time while many people are home to share educational resources and inform our communities about the ongoing struggle on Wet’suwet’en territories. 

Have other tactics you’re employing that others can replicate? Send us an email so we can share them.          GOODMORNING! Today is a great day to bolster the UBCIC call for Mike Farnworth to resign. Farnworth misled the public on his ability to deploy the RCMP after authorizing the redeployment of police on Wet’suwet’en territory. ALL the info and links you will need including a script for calls and emails, access to the letters calling for his resignation, and his authorization to deploy the RCMP are in my bio 
#FTP #WetsuwetenStrong #TyendinagaStrong   Use this link to find sample tweets, emails, and phone scripts!    Onward! 
-Unist’ot’en Solidarity Brigade    

Use this link to find sample tweets, emails, and phone scripts!
-Unist’ot’en Solidarity Brigade    

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